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NJH Series EZ Rim LVL RimBoard Hangers

The NJH Series-

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AcuJoist’s NJH and NJU series I-Joists offer superior strength and rigidity coupled with numerous on-site benefits for the installer. Available with 2” or 3” wide solid sawn lumber flanges, these joists provide wider glue and nailing surfaces than comparably priced LVL chorded I-joists. This makes applying floor sheathing fast and easy.

The solid sawn flanges resist splitting even when side or end nailed. In fact these joists are designed to accommodate two rows of 10d nails at 2” O.C. Which is ideal for seismic regions where diaphragm nailing is crucial.

The solid sawn 3x2 / 4x2 chords eliminate the “Spagetti” effect common in narrow flanged I-joists. The wide rigid flange allows the joists to sit upright on there bearing points prior to nailing, making it much easier for the framer to set and space the joists during installation.

Available in depths to 18” these joists are able to accommodate holes up to 14” in height allowing even full sized HVAC ducting to be run thru the joists.

Available in both 2 1/2'” and 3 ˝” widths, these I-joists are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

With AcuJoist I-joists the results are always the same - a stronger floor that is easy to install, value priced and guaranteed for the life of the home.


The NJ Series

The NJ Series is designed specifically for short span applications. Its dimensions and span capacities mirror those of dimensional lumber making it an excellent replacement for 2x10 and 2x12 lumber joists. It is known in the industry as the Easy-I®

NJH Series:

Used primarily in residential and light commercial projects, the NJH Series extra wide flange offers a generous nailing surface and superior strength.


NJU Series:

AcuJoist’s NJU Joists are used in applications with extremely heavy loads or exceptionally long spans. Used primarily in commercial applications, this joist is also ideal for roof rafter situations.



  • Structurally superior to conventional framing.
  • Compatible with conventional construction hardware and framing methods.
  • Dimensionally consistent.
  • Constructed of kiln-dried lumber which eliminates shrinkage, warpage, twisting, crowning and splitting.
  • Available in longer lengths than conventional lumber.
  • Constructed of re-constituted lumber harvested from second-growth forests rather than 200 to 300 year old-growth from which 2x10's and 2x12's are typically cut.
  • Utilizes 40% less wood than conventional methods.
  • Warranted to be free from defects.
  • Lighter than conventional framing, decreasing installation time.
  • Load capacities are determined from test procedures and approved by structural engineers.
  • Continual quality control measures implemented into the manufacturing process.
  • Designed and manufactured to fit each job reducing site and material waste.


  • Use single NJ joist as rim
  • Use standard hangers
  • Standard bridging creates load sharing
  • Standard even foot lengths 8'-0" to 22'-0"
  • No crowns, means flat floors
  • No squeaks


  • Cost effective
  • Quiet floor performance
  • Satisfied home owners
  • No call backs