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AcuJoist Manufacturing is licensed to use Nascor technology, software, engineering, approvals, and marketing aids required to manufacture and market Nascor’s advanced building technology.

Nascor NJ, NJH and NJU Series wood I-joists are comprised of solid-sawn lumber chords and oriented strand board (OSB) webs. The web-to-chord connection is a glued taper-fitted joint. The web-to-web connection of the OSB panels is a fulldepth, taper-shaped glued joint. Nascor NJ, NJH and NJU Series joists are uniform in depth.


CCMC Evaluation Report

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Canadian Specifier guide 910 KB PDF file


Easy I Information Brochure 383 KB PDF file
NJ Canadian Install guide 812 KB PDF file
NJH Canadian Install guide 808 KB PDF file

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NASCOR Joists are manufactured to meet or exceed the rigorous engineering and testing standards set by every major code approval agency in North America.

All NASCOR Joist products are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects.

NASCOR Incorporated guarantees that its NASCOR Joist products, when installed and handled according to the specifications set out in the NASCOR Installation Guide, will perform in accordance with the published structural specifications. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to a manufacturing defect, NASCOR Incorporated requires a reasonable opportunity to inspect the NASCOR product on site. If the inspection reveals a problem that is due to manufacturing defects, the problem will be promptly corrected.


• No Warping
• No Twists
• No Crowns
• No Shrinkage